Rebedding is removing the old mortar and resetting ridge caps.  The cement supports the ridge cap (refer photo on right) so the next stage – rebedding – can be done.  Rebedding may be required when the mortar is broken or badly cracked.  There are many reasons why this process may be done.

Beware that some roofers may tell you they are rebedding the roof but will try to confuse you with the word repointing.  It is important to understand the difference between rebedding and repointing.

Rebedding tiles
Rebedding laying cement


Repointing is the 2nd and final part to re securing the ridge cap to the roof. These days most roofers will use a flexible compound for repointing. It is designed to be only 3-5mm thick and this gives the flexibility for any small movement, it also seals the ridge cap to the roof keeping your roof water tight and secure.

Carters Roofing chooses to use Ridgebond pointing and has done so for over 10 years. The quality of Ridgebond has been subjected to exhaustive performance trials and rigorous controlled test all of which unequivocally support the claims of product stability, hold down ability and flexural tolerances.

Ridgebond meets the relevant provisions of A52050-1995 “Installation of Roof Tiles” and is accredited with a C3 Wind Classification as defined in AS 4005-1992 “Wind Loads for Housing”.