Projects 9 – 16 From resarking to complete roof restoration

Project 9 Blackburn

Resarking solved leaks in this Blackburn roof.

resarking roof

Project 10 Highett – After and Before

A simple repair to re-secure the ridge caps to the roof is all that you may need like this roof in Highett. Rebedding and pointing.

Roof rebed and repoint
Roof needs rebed and repointing

Project 11 Vermont South – After and Before

A complete roof restoration.

beautiful restored grey roof

Project 12 Beaumaris – After and Before

A complete roof restoration.

Restored grey roof
Terracotta roof needs restoration

Project 13 Taming the Wild

Warren Carter guarantees to get your seal of approval.

Warren feeding seal from boat

Project 14 Warren and fishing …..

Project 15

Warren also guarantees to leave a quid in your pocket.

Project 16

So snap to it and make the call.

Project 17

You’re long over due.